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Bourne is one of the best electric blues guitarists in this country, hands down. (Dark Things) …is nothing like anything Bourne has done before – gone are the balls to the wall electric blues and in its place are dark arrangements, junk percussion, eerie background music to the dark things lurking in any persons head. …bright and fresh and something that demands attention, putting Bourne up there as not only one of our premier guitarists, but also as one of the premier songwriters and arrangers.  Sam Fell: Rhythms Magazine May 2009

…he opens the record with the title track – a muted, dark acoustic sonic exploration – and a couple of electronics-drenched numbers that would have worked on Floyd’s masterpiece Ummagumma…
It’s fascinating to hear this accomplished guitarist explore and grow as a singer and songwriter.                           
Jeff Glorfeld: The AGE, Entertainment Guide

As Band Member

2011 'Tex Perkins and the Band of Gold'

2009 ‘Play Time’ - CHECKERBOARD

2003 ‘Live At The Basement’ Vol 1 & 2 – Chris Wilson 

2003 ‘King For A Day’ – Chris Wilson 

2001 ‘Spiderman’ – Chris Wilson

1998 ‘Live at St.Andews’ – The Bluescasters

Discography of Session Contributions

2011 'Tenderpad' - Paul Cartwright

2009 ‘Unknown Country’ - Broderick Smith

2009 ‘Dead Man’s Lullaby’ - Jimmy Dowling

2008 ‘Behind The Lines’ - John Schumman & The Vagabond Crew

2007 ‘You’re Always There’ – Kerri Simpson

2006 ‘Roarin’ Town’ – The Black Sorrows

2005 ‘Lawson’ - John Schumman & The Vagabond Crew

2005 ‘Sweet Release’ – Andy Cowan

2005 ‘Steal my Heart’ – Jimi Lundy

2005 ‘I Wish It Would Rain’ – Paul Wookey

1999 ‘Blues Rush’ – Southbound
2006 ‘King for a Day’ Chris Wilson

2006 ‘Live @ The Basement and The Corner Hotel’ – Andy Cowan 

Dark Things

(Independent Release: 2009)

The aims of any artistic pursuit should be twofold. Firstly, to translate the artist’s inner thoughts and feelings into some kind of personal statement, and secondly to share that journey with an audience. On his new album ‘Dark Things’ Melbourne based blues rock guitarist ... achieves all that and more.                                                     Australian Musician Magazine April 2009

I say great album too! Gave it a spin on my way home from a gig last night mate. Impressive stuff. Lyrically engaging and knitted together with very creative and original audio sounds ... amazing guitar work too. You have certainly wrung the full gamut from your instrument - from beautiful to hideous, from gentle & inviting to violent and threatening - and all points in between. The solo that closes track 4 is a killer! I love hearing original sounds Shannon and this disc has it in bucket loads.Well done sir!                         Geoff Atchison

Burn It Down

(Independent Release: 2006)

First up this is an impressive debut. A lot of guitarists in the blues/rock vein would try to cram as many notes as possible into every song. Shannon has taken the other route of serving the song. Whether providing a gentle backdrop "Tracks in my skin" and "Changes all the day or slide guitar on "Light on" he manages to add to his lyrics and overall feel of the tracks. He also can rock out with the best of them. The opener "Dead end town" has a Rockabilly vibe. "Handyman" shows Shannon's love of Rory Gallagher."Don't throw your book on me" has a great rhythm to it and some down home slide playing. His songwriting and lyrics cover everything fom blues to pop to late night introspection. THis keeps the tracks fresh as they are evenly spaced out. The things I like most about this cd is the melodic nature of the songs and that I find myself listening to them in my mind. If you live in or around Melbourne catch him live.

author: Keith Cantillon

"One of the top 3 guitarists in
Australia" - Jayson Argall, Beat Magazine

"One of the best guitarists in the country" - Gary Young, Daddy Cool & Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons

"To give it a bit more bite I’d got Shannon Bourne in to play slide guitar with us and he didn’t disappoint, extracting a wicked bark out of his rig." 

Neil Murray Tour Diary (Australian Musician Magazine)